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Board of Directors and Officers

Donna Bollenbach, President, 813-679-5597

Virginia Overstreet,  Vice-President   813-541-3187

Tina (Mable) Patterson,   Secretary  305-298-6381

Gar Reed  Treasurer   813-323-0927

Andy Taylor, Director at Large 

Activity Leaders and Committee Chairs

Devon Higginbotham, Membership 813-478-1183

Shirley Denton  Fieldtrips  813-936-6485

Steve Dickman, Fieldtrips  813-587-5888

Janet Bowers  Newsletter Editor  813-759-2822

Mike Fite  Newsletter Assistant-Editor 813-977-0892

Vikki Sinclair Librarian Find her at every meeting!

Gar ReedPlant Sales 813-967-4538

Web Master




Published on  14.05.2017